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Kavounis Leonidas O.E.,  

25th O.N.R. Thessaloniki - Evzoni Gefira - Thessaloniki

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Brass Items - Brass Mini MortarBrass Items - Brass Mini Mortar

Brass Mini Mortar

Decorative brass items
Quality in performance and presentation
Special quality of construction
Completely Handmade product

Mediterranean Art, a beacon of traditional Greek craftsmanship, takes pride in producing and offering an exquisite range of handmade copper items. Among its treasures, the Brass Mini Mortar emerges as a captivating decorative piece that seamlessly blends functionality with artistic allure.

These decorative brass mini mortars, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, are designed to not only deliver quality in performance but also to make a statement in presentation. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship bring a touch of Greek heritage to your space, transforming a functional kitchen item into a work of art.

The special quality of construction is a hallmark of Mediterranean Art's commitment to excellence. Each Brass Mini Mortar is a testament to the dedication to preserving traditional methods, ensuring not only durability but also an authentic connection to Greek craftsmanship. The combination of brass, craftsmanship, and cultural significance elevates these mini mortars beyond mere utensils, making them cherished pieces for both practical use and aesthetic enjoyment.

Completely handmade with passion and precision, these mini mortars are not just products; they are stories woven by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Mediterranean Art invites you to embrace the authenticity and charm of these unique pieces that bring a piece of Greek tradition into your home.

Product Code 5113

Height : 6,5cm           Diameter : 5,5cm 

Phone : +30 2310 622362
     Fax : +30 2310 622373



Kavounis Leonidas O.E.

25th Km O.N.R. Thessaloniki- Evzoni

Gefira - Thessaloniki

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