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Kavounis Leonidas O.E.,  

25th O.N.R. Thessaloniki - Evzoni Gefira - Thessaloniki

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Brass Items - Brass Frying Pan For ChestnutsBrass Items - Brass Frying Pan For Chestnuts

Brass Frying Pan For Chestnuts

Quality in performance and presentation
Special quality of construction
Completely Handmade product

Introducing the Brass Frying Pan for Chestnuts from Mediterranean-art – a masterpiece in the realm of handcrafted copperware. This Greek company excels in producing and offering traditional products, and this frying pan is no exception. Meticulously designed for quality in both performance and presentation, it stands out with a special emphasis on construction quality, making it a completely handmade product.

Crafted with precision and care, this brass frying pan embodies the artistry and high construction standards that Mediterranean-art is renowned for. The use of brass ensures durability while adding a touch of aesthetic appeal. It's not just a cooking utensil; it's a culinary work of art that encapsulates the tradition and craftsmanship of handmade copper items.

The Brass Frying Pan for Chestnuts promises an unparalleled cooking experience, delivering both functionality and an exquisite presentation in the kitchen. Mediterranean-art's commitment to producing entirely handmade products shines through in this exceptional piece.

Product Code 5300

    Diameter : 30cm      Length : 70cmHeight : 13,5cm

Phone : +30 2310 622362
     Fax : +30 2310 622373



Kavounis Leonidas O.E.

25th Km O.N.R. Thessaloniki- Evzoni

Gefira - Thessaloniki

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